Our society is definitely intrigued by a “magic pill” that will instantly help with whatever desire we have. We want instant change, instant growth, and for someone else to do it for us. When it comes to our children with learning challenges and disabilities, we hope & pray there is that one magic pill, (ie, supplement, treatment, doctor, etc) that will create the biggest change!

Because of my son’s developmental delays he received early intervention care, which consisted of PT, OT, & SLP one time per week. I often wondered how one time per week would/could make a huge impact. Does one time per week ever make a huge impact in anything?

Have you ever successfully gained muscle working out one time per week?

Have you ever successfully lost weight eating healthy one time per week?

Have you ever learned a new skill & mastered it by practicing one time per week?

I would beg to say the answer is probably NO on all of these questions. We know from early days playing sports, learning to play an instrument, and later becoming proficient at our career, that the only way to get better at anything is to practice it consistently. Consistently means on a regular basis, 3-5x/week, even up to 7 days per week.

So why do we hope that therapy one time per week will make a significant change in our child’s abilities? The answer is simply: insurance. Insurance reimbursement is the only reason we have therapy one time per week and not more. They have determined that one time per week of each discipline is all that they will pay for (unless you fight like crazy to get more covered.) But that does not mean it is the best treatment model for our kiddos.

Children learning a new skill need repetition. They need to practice every day to make the biggest impact, and ideally it needs to be playful & fun. Neuroplasticity is real and the only way to create real change in the brain & nervous system is through repetition and daily sensory stimulation. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new synapses, or connections between neurons. Consistent repetition that re-establishes communication between the disconnected parts of the brain and the body is crucial in therapy.

In the current paradigm of pediatric therapy services, there is a major gap from where treatment should be and how we as clinicians are able to provide it. We, at Brain Connex Therapy, hope to fill in that gap with our online sensory & movement programs. We want to revolutionize the treatment model for children with developmental and neurological delays.

The programs provide the family with access to treatment that supplements their weekly therapy sessions with 5x/week video instructions. It provides daily stimulation through movement & senses that create change in the brain resulting in improvements in their motor skills, behavior, emotions, sensory processing, language, and overall function.

We would love to hear your thoughts….What do you think of the current therapy treatment model?

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