spinal galant reflex

The Spinal Galant helps move the baby down the birth canal by wiggling the body side-to-side. Spinal Galant is considered to be connected to tactile hypersensitivity especially with clothing and tags against the back.

Common symptoms of an unintegrated Spinal Galant Reflex include:

  • restless and hyperactive
  • dislikes tight clothing, or clothing tags; prefers loose clothing
  • hip rotation, to one side
  • scoliosis
  • bedwetting, or soiling past the age of 5
  • fidgeting, inability to sit still
To test Spinal Galant:
Have your child on all four’s with shirt pulled up. Using a blunt object/light brush, stroke approx 3 cm from either side of the spine, starting at the upper back and stroking downwards. If a hip rotates or your child wiggles, the reflex is retained. Perform this on both sides as reflexes can be asymmetrical. Make sure to use a firm stroke so as not to elicit a “ticklish” feeling. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times (beyond 3 times can fail to elicit the reaction if the reflex is present).

If any of these sound like your child, there is a possibility they may need their Spinal Galant Reflex integrated in order to improve their function.

Contact us today to get your child started on a program to integrate their reflexes and improve their function.