Core Strong Mom 2 week ReNEW

Beyond my passion for helping coach parents to see significant changes in their child’s development, I am equally as passionate about helping moms of special needs kiddos regain their wellness & vitality. As a special needs parent myself I understand what it’s like to be stressed, anxious, depressed, and not motivated to take care of myself. I’ve uncovered simple ways to live a life filled with vitality and energy….and it starts with nutrition and movement. There are three very important reasons why WE need to have a wellness reset and create vitality that starts with nutrition:

  1. Our gut health directly affects our mood and energy. Over 90% of our serotonin (feel good hormone) is housed in our gut. If we do not feed it healthy, nutritious foods we will be more apt to anxiety, depression, and not feeling good. 
  2. We need to be healthy and well to take care of our children and to be an example. I know what its like to carry around a child that is too big to be carried – or chase after a child that will not listen. We need to be fit and healthy in order to manage the life of a special needs child.
  3. The bacteria in our microbiome directly effects the microbiome of our children. If your child has poor digestion and gut health, your gut microbiome could be part of the reason. Our microbiome is affected by the people we touch, hug, and kiss. Bacteria is transferred between people. So if you want your child’s gut heath to improve, you must improve yours.

Get Started on your 2 week ReNEW!

Our 2 week ReNEW program is a wellness reset for moms and caregivers to children with special needs. I have a passion for helping fellow special needs parents live a healthy, less-stressed, and more abundant life. The 2 week ReNEW program will help you gain back your health and mindset towards living a healthy lifestyle that gives you abundant energy, happiness, and vitality.  The program consists of 2 weeks of a plant-rich cleanse + pilates HIIT workouts.

Along with the program you receive free plant rich cookbooks + a record sheet to track your progress, private FB community support, workout schedule for your pilates HIIT routine, and more!

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Core Strong Mom 2 week ReNEW