Neurological change occurs with multiple repetitions. A child must perform the movements 3-5+ times per week to see noticeable change. This is why we believe it is best for parents to be educated in order to help their child in the comfort of their home. No need to have costly visits to a therapist or take hours out of your day driving to and from therapy. Make it fun! Make it a family affair! These movements are good for everyone!

Our parent coaching program provides you with individualized treatment planning for your child, plus monthly meetings with the therapist. We are able to perform in-person assessments for the coaching program in the Phoenix metropolitan area and Flagstaff, AZ area (please contact us for individualized pricing for locations outside of these areas).

Our online workshop (coming early 2019) is filled with education on the brain, sensory systems, primitive reflex testing & treatment, brain balance testing & treatment, neurological reorganization exercises, and step-by-step instructions on creating your child’s program. This is the perfect place to start if you have basic movement knowledge. You can also add on a consultation with an Occupational Therapist if you have further questions.

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