Brain Connex Therapy is a neurologically-based movement learning program proven to increase development, language, gross/fine motor skills, sensory, behavior & function utilizing treatment techniques in primitive reflex integration and brain balancing completed in a specific neuro-developmental sequence.

Children with sensory processing disorder misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound, light and movement, giving them a different experience of the sensory world than others have. Some feel bombarded and overwhelmed by ordinary sensations. Some can perceive sensory information but can’t interpret it correctly. Others seek out intense sensory experiences. This can lead to behavioral problems, difficulties with coordination, learning challenges, poor ability to stay on task, slow processing speed and many other issues. Children with sensory processing disorder are often misunderstood and labeled as aggressive or clumsy. They sometimes find themselves socially isolated and have trouble in school.

Communication between what the body is experiencing in its environment to what the brain interprets happen through neuropathways to the sub-cortex. The sub-cortex regulates the flow of sensory information the child receives from their environment. When the neuropathways are disorganized and the nervous system is under stress (in “fight or flight”) the child’s brain perceives incoming sensory information as dangerous, creating the “sensory overload”.

During Brain Connex Therapy treatment we are able to calm the nervous system resulting in sensory integration. In the typical therapy model symptoms of sensory overload are treated; while we treat the cause of the symptoms –> the brain.

Brain Connex therapy utilizes a specific, individualized, sequence of movements to integrate neural pathways thus creating functional connections that improve processing of the neurons in the brain significantly reducing symptoms shown in sensory processing disorder.



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