Why Brain Connex Therapy Online?

From behavior to learning to motor skills and language — Brain Connex Online is the most powerful program to unlock your child’s potential and up level their future.

Brain Connex Therapy Online is for caregivers that are ready to make a difference in their child’s life. Period.

Are you someone ready to make a difference? Someone who looks for alternatives to traditional therapies and doctor recommendations? Someone who does the late-night research and knows brain development will improve all skills? The trouble is many of us don’t have access to the tools needed to create the changes we know are available. Work-filled days, other children to care for, multiple therapies, and other stressors keep us from implementing activities at home. If this sounds familiar, what you’re missing is a complete program, given to you step-by-step, with online support the entire time. You’ll master the three key components to change: primitive reflex integration, brain hemispheric & sensory integration, and neurodevelopmental movements. You’ll feel 100% competent in your ability to help your child and begin to see changes in the first few weeks.

How the Program Works

Movement is the cornerstone of our program. Movement creates the optimal environment for neural plasticity, the ability for the brain to change. Movement, timing, and balance help the brain create neural connections improving the vestibular, tactile & auditory systems; providing positive gains in attention, coordination, proprioception, and sensory integration.

 Upon signing up, you will receive immediate access to your first month of education in primitive reflex integration through video & written instructions. With virtual support, you’ll learn how to assess your child’s reflexes, sensory system, and brain imbalance and how to choose exercises to improve areas of weakness. Virtual support in our GUIDED program includes 6 ZOOM calls (2 per month), alternating between individual and group. Support in our self-guided program includes three complimentary phone/video consultations with our founder, an Occupational Therapist, plus you’ll be invited to join our private FB group where we have Q&A, accountability, support, and community. No one should ever feel alone when working with a child that needs help. Our primary movement programs are called Foundations, Integrations, and Connections. See below for detailed information about each movement section.

Step 1: FOUNDATIONS Primitive Reflex Integration Plus moves your child through integration of ten primary primitive reflexes, plus neurodevelopmental movements, and basic visual skills. Foundations also helps you set a routine for your movement program. Primitive reflexes are the first foundation of the nervous system. They originate in the brain stem and integration of the reflexes creates the foundation for future controlled movements. Unintegrated primitive reflexes trigger our ‘fight or flight’ response which creates chronic stress to our body. Children will progress through Foundations, as the main focus of treatment, helping to create a routine and body awareness with reflex integration, before moving onto Integrations.

Step 2: INTEGRATIONS Brain Hemispheric Balance program builds upon Foundations. During Integrations we continue with primitive reflex integration exercises while adding in sensory stimulation: tactile, visual, auditory, smell, vestibular, and proprioceptive for the weaker hemisphere. We’ll work together to assess your child for brain hemispheric weakness and use a brain balance approach to increase hemispheric connections. The sensory-motor connection helps to integrate reflexes and create balance between brain hemispheres. This portion is 100% personalized for your child.


Step 3: CONNEXTIONS Brain Training monthly movement program is the final step. We combine movement-based learning focused on timing plus balance, and cross-body sequences done with cognitive & coordination tasks. Research has shown vast improvements when children perform these movements which solidify the sensory systems throughout the vestibular-ocular-visual channels. Typically children will benefit from six-to-twelve months of the Connextions movement program to achieve optimal benefits in learning, memory, organization, focus & attention.



*we also offer a self-guided version of this program*

Why the Program Works

The Pyramid of Development & Learning is a visual representation of how an infant develops and learns. Our program has your child move through this exact neuro-developmental sequence in order to “fill in the gaps” of development that have weaker connections. As you can see on the right hand side, once the Foundations, Integrations, and Connections areas are rewired to their maximum efficiency than executive functioning (ie, academic learning, decision making, etc) can operate at its optimal level.

What’s Included in the Program?

The program itself runs three months, with the option to purchase additional monthly OT support for continued growth. You’ll have access to everything included in the program + our private FB group community for years to come.

The Course.  Each program you will have access to has videos, written instructions, and activity record sheets explaining exactly how to implement your child’s program. You’ll learn the three main brain changers: primitive reflex integration, brain hemispheric balance & sensory integration, and neurodevelopmental movements; plus the science and research behind each of them.

Community.  As a Brain Connex Online participant, you’ll get exclusive access to our private online community for support and connection. Our program Occupational Therapist moderates, and is there to answer your questions and support you on your journey in real-time. Plus, we’ll share videos, tips and even host livestreams to help you get the most out of your program.

Individualized. You will learn how to individualize the program for you child and your concerns. You have access to email Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L to help answer your questions about the program for your child. These conversations help participants stay accountable and improve the outcome of your child’s functional gains. If you know you want a personalized program from the start you can bundle the programs together to work with our OT from the start –> contact us for details.

Education. Timed perfectly with your program, you’ll get impactful content sent straight to your inbox for the time you participate. Kara has taught hundreds of students and can anticipate challenges before they come up. So we’ve curated videos, articles, and additional techniques to enhance your Brain Connex Online program, including…

  • How to Assess Primitive Reflexes & the Sensory System
  • How to fit your new program into your daily life
  • How to connect with your child to enhance learning
  • Additional education in lifestyle changes that will improve everyone’s health (including our favorite kid-approved recipes!)
  • How to improve your mindset, as a parent/caregiver, to de-stress and stay present
  • Bonus playful activities and games that incorporate principles of neuroplasticity


✅ Get your biggest questions answered & customize your program with our private FB community, ran by Kara Rice, Founder of Brain Connex Therapy.

✅ Four FREE downloadable guides to therapeutic activities to improve reading & writing, behavior, attention & focus, and sleep.

✅ Our favorite recipes, research articles, additional audio downloads, and even more bonus content.

✅  Complimentary unlimited emails with founder, Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L, and optional 100% individualized program with INTEGRATIONS…being an Occupational Therapist, I am able to modify and adjust your program as needed!


*we also offer a self-guided version of this program*

What to Expect Inside Brain Connex Online

Utilizing the full program takes approximately four-twelve months long depending on your child’s original delays & goals for improvement. Each step is given with both written and video instructions of the movements. The daily movement program should only take 30 minutes to complete with your child. We recommend you perform the program 5x/week for optimal results. We provide guidance and support through our private community page, and during *optional* individualized video consultations.

Step 1: Primitive Reflex Integration Plus:

Primitive reflexes are the first foundations of the nervous system. They create a foundation that allows motor patterns to develop and the sensory systems to integrate. Unintegrated reflexes can cause stress and adversely affect neuromuscular coordination, sensory perception, visual function, emotions, memory, and reading & learning.

Highlights include:

  • Master list of retained reflex symptoms
  • Guide to testing primitive reflexes in your child
  • Simple movements to help integrate eight primary reflexes
  • Learning extra playful movements that help to integrate reflexes
  • Sensory stimulation exercises to help integrate
  • Support for working with younger/less-focused children
Step 2: Brain Hemispheric Balance:

Each side of the brain controls different types of thinking, movement and processing. The right brain focuses on the visual, and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture then at details. The focus of the left brain is verbal, processing information in an analytical and sequential way, looking first at the pieces then putting them together to get the whole. Learning and movement challenges are a direct result of the disconnect between the two hemispheres.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding of what a “functional disconnection” is
  • Education on how to detect which hemisphere is weaker
  • Sensory stimulation specific to your child’s weakness
  • Progressions on the stimulation to enhance and continue balancing the brain
  • Guide to living a balance hemispheric lifestyle for the entire family
Step 3: Connextions Monthly Movement Membership:

The Connextions movement program helps develop the cerebellum, an important part of our brain needed for optimal learning, coordinated movement, social skills, language, and more! Our movement series engage the vestibular, visual & proprioceptive systems, along with timing and cross-body movements. Your child will be challenged with activities that use both sides of the brain through cross-body movements; higher-level academic skills; and timing to incorporate the natural rhythm of our mind-body connection.

Highlights include:

  • Movement video series for your child to complete
  • Progressive movements to increase brain connections & learning
  • Education on why each movement is specifically targeted and how it helps your child
  • Education on movements that solidify your child’s learning and higher-level academic skills


    Program Details
    Your membership will guide you through our 3-month movement program created to improve your child’s development. Generally speaking, individuals will benefit from six-to-twelve months of treatment to achieve goals, with some individuals requiring more. Every client will progress through each section from foundations-> integration-> connections (optional).
    Online Programs
    Consistency & repetition are the key to changing the brain. Our program guides you through movement videos which take approx 30 minutes/day, performed 5x/week. In the comfort of your home you are able to create real change, quickly, in your child’s growth, development, and learning.
    Cutting Edge
    We have sought out the most beneficial treatments and have combined them into one program. Our programs use movements from cutting edge research in neuroplasticity, primitive reflex integration, sensory enrichment treatment and brain hemisphere balance with developmental movements to create real change, quickly!
    Our programs are created by experienced professionals in their speciality (occupational therapy, neurology, etc). Our services are cash-pay, although you may be able to purchase with HSA funds, with support by a licensed Occupational Therapist. Private group support includes the therapist answering questions and providing additional education.