Nutrition is essential for our health: physical, mental, development, gene expression, fertility, etc. Today our society is in a health crisis. Chronic diseases plague many families, and 1 in 2 children have a chronic health condition. It is becoming the norm to hear about cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, allergies, autism, ADHD, and developmental delay. Our food is mostly processed, sprayed with toxins, given antibiotics, and created with artificial ingredients. The majority of people are not eating enough essential nutrients on a daily basis – and barely even reaching the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for fruits & vegetables. Children are starting life at a disadvantage due to the pregnant mother’s deficient diet and exposure to toxins in her food & environment.

It is well known that our gut is considered our “second brain.” The largest part of the immune system, 70%, is found in the gut. Without good gut health the body will have difficulty digesting foods and detoxifying the body thus causing increased inflammation, oxidative stress, and possible development of food sensitivities. Most neurological & chronic conditions can be positively influenced by diet and supplementation.

A healing diet may help by supporting digestion, improving the immune function, aiding in detoxification, and improving biochemistry. Conditions that are linked to inflammation include:

Autoimmune conditions
Inflammatory Bowel disorders
Obesity, heart disease & diabetes

and more….

Nutrient deficiencies can have a negative affect on every system in the body. The deficiencies can cause changes in the way a gene will express itself. Proper nutrition aids the cells and organs in working correctly and providing the necessary fuel for brain and cell function.


Do you have a child with Autism, ADHD, or other conditions?

Does your family need a nutritional overhaul?

Are your kids addicted to mac ‘n cheese, pizza, & cereal?

Are your children not eating enough fruits & vegetables?

Is your family frequently catching colds and passing them to each other?

Do you feel bloated, have low energy, sadness, or stress?

Do your colds never seem to go away (runny nose forever)?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you or your child may be lacking important nutritional health. What we eat provides the proper nourishment for our body and brain health. If you don’t know where to start, reach out and we will help identify your needs, and help you and your family get started on the road to health.

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