We are excited to offer a monthly movement membership, called Rhythmic Connextions¬†(…coming soon)

Rhythmic Connextions brings you the most important movements you can do with your child to improve brain connections. During the movement membership you’ll receive a follow-along video with a new series of movements weekly that are specifically curated by an Occupational Therapist to support integration of reflexes & sensory system, along with ¬†improvements in bi-lateral integration, crossing midline, balance & coordination…all with a dose of fun and play!

Specific movements done with timing & rhythm have been proven through research to enhance neural connections between the right & left hemispheres, demonstrating improvements in reading, learning, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills, language, organization, and more.

Rhythmic Connextions provides access to a series of different movements delivered to your inbox each week. You will receive both written and video instructions of each movement. The movement series progress in difficulty each week, following the natural developmental progressions of a child’s brain & body.

The weekly movement series are specific and purposeful and target areas of development to prepare the brain and body for higher academic achievement. You can utilize these exercises in your child’s daily routines and begin to see improvements in areas such as reading, math, memory, organization, communication, motor skills, and social interaction.

Each month the movement videos series uses different equipment (balls, bean bags, balance pad, step stool, etc) to engage specific skills. Some of the movement series included are as follows:

  • Timing & Rhythm
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Reflex Integration Movements
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor
  • Visual Coordination
  • Crossing the Midline

Rhythmic Connextions is recommend for children 8+ and the videos are designed for the child to follow-along. For children unable to follow-along to the movements, an adult is welcome to help the child complete the movements at their own pace. Videos should be performed 5x/week for optimal results and each video lasts 15-20 minutes.

Each video series follows a similar outline. We include a warm-up using a rhythmical beat, followed by several reflex movements, cross-body movements, and a balance/coordination sequence that includes integration of the visual, auditory, and proprioceptive systems.