The Landau Reflex also helps improve muscle tone in the back body for later upright posture. It is important to help in integrating TLR as well; if Landau does not integrate, TLR will not integrate. Lifting the body off the floor against gravity is an important skill that helps to develop near vision.

Common symptoms of an unintegrated Landau Reflex include:

  • low muscle tone in the back and neck
  • disliked tummy time; dislikes being on belly
  • poor attention and concentration
  • difficulty with near vision; and three-dimensional vision
  • poor posture
  • possible hyperextension of knees
  • tension in legs; may cause toe walking
To test Landau:
The Landau can be tested both prone and supine.

1) Prone: have your child lie on their stomach with arms at 90 degree angle by their side or straight in front. Ask them to lift their head, chest and arms from the floor while keeping the feet on the ground. Arms can lift straight in front or like a cactus. Hold for 5 seconds.
The reflex is unintegrated if the child’s feet float from the ground or legs bend. If the child cannot lift head/neck/chest off the floor the reflex is unintegrated. If the child crosses the arms to support themselves it is also unintegrated.

2) Supine: Have your child lie on their back with legs long. Press down on their feet and if there is tension in the back of their neck, the reflex is retained. This test is easier for younger children.

If any of these sound like your child, there is a possibility they may need their Landau Reflex integrated in order to improve their function.

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