Hearing is passive; listening is active. What if you can’t listen because you don’t know what to pay attention to?

Many children with auditory processing difficulties, attention or focus issues, or sensory processing delay are hearing all of the information in their environment. The problem is that their brain cannot filter out what is important and what is not.

  • Does your child have trouble following simple directions?
  • Do they not respond when you call their name?
  • Do they turn their head to every noise in a room (air conditioning, sirens outside, wind blowing, etc)?
  • Does your child have an intense need to chew?

These are signs (not all inclusive) that your child’s brain is having difficulty filtering out the important information from the un-important.

Sound is first processed through the brainstem, which is comprised of the Pons, Medulla, and Cerebellum (little brain). When a child’s Pons is underdeveloped it will affect every sensory system in their body, including the ear & hearing.

Developing the Pons can be done with simple home exercises, which over time will improve all sensory systems and auditory processing.

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