We believe that eating healthy can be a simple thing and should not be over-complicated.  You can easily become confused with all of the fad diets and differing opinions on food products. Today we know several things that can improve your family’s health for today and the future – we like to call these the “Healthy Living Rules“.

What are the Healthy Living Rules?

Following five simple rules can have a profound impact on your life. Whether you start with making one simple change or embrace all core four rules at once, your positive choices will move you to a more fulfilling lifestyle and better health.

The rules are simple enough to remember, flexible enough to become habit, and easy enough for anyone who wants to improve their life.


Eat fruits, vegetables, wild/organic protein, nuts, seeds,
*Secret Weapon: Avoid dairy, gluten, & sugar


1/2 to 1 gallon of water daily


Move your body 30-90 minutes most days


Sleep a minimum of 7 hours each night
(8 hours is ideal)


Decrease screen time to 2 hours per day or less (this includes iPad, phone, t.v., games, etc)


Whether you start with one rule or follow them all right away you will be making positive steps towards yours & your family’s future. The best gift we can give a child is that of health.


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