Our children are in a constant state of overload. Dr. Martha Herbert created the “total load theory” when it comes to children with autism and the overload our environment has created on their brain and body.

Children today demonstrate a wide range of challenges: autism symptoms, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, decreased body awareness, decreased eye contact, fidgeting, and more. They are also being exposed to several environmental factors that contribute to these symptoms including wireless exposure and a multitude of toxins, all of which create inflammation in the brain and body.

Environmental and lifestyle factors are putting our nervous system into an excitatory mode (or fight & flight). Children with an excitatory nervous system have difficulty with attention & focus, eye contact, social interaction, sitting still, and behavior.

Factors that contribute to an excitatory nervous system include:

  • wireless exposure & EMFs
  • toxic metals
  • glyphosate (roundup)
  • glutamate (msg)
  • infections
  • inflammation
  • low glutathione
  • low minerals
  • more….

We want to create an environment that helps to calm, regulate, and turn down the nervous system. Having the nervous system in a parasympathetic mode enables a child to focus, learn, and interact with others.

Factors that contribute to a calming nervous system include:

  • Magnesium, B12, B6, Folate
  • outdoor play
  • removal of wireless/EMFs
  • appropriate amount of sleep
  • organic/non-GMO foods
  • glutathione
  • balanced minerals
  • more….

There is emerging science demonstrating a significant link between wireless/EMFs and the excitatory nervous system. Dr. Toril Jelter and Cindy Sage came up with a simple and free protocol that anyone can try for free: Turn off baby monitors, cordless phone base stations, Wi-Fi, and the circuit breaker for the bedroom at night during sleep hours. Over 80% of children on this protocol have showed noticeable improvement in as little as two weeks.

In 2001, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt began to notice a higher rate of autism among the children of parents who worked at Microsoft, which is headquartered near his practice outside of Seattle. Working with a building biologist, he found dramatically higher levels of wireless radiation in the homes of families with autistic children. Dr. Klinghardt now reduces wireless and other electric fields as part of his autism prevention and recovery program. Parents who follow his strict guidelines often see their children improve and even recover in about six months.

These are all very interesting findings that are beginning to come to light as many cities are expanding their cellphone service to include 5G. It is important to understand the detriment overload has on one’s body, especially a young child whose brain is developing.

The real question is…..will you try a 2-week wireless fast?




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