As adults we know that when we want to become good at a task (dancing, playing piano, running a marathon, etc) we must put in consistent work in order to master that skill or excel at that task. At a bare minimum, I would say three times per week of practicing a skill would give great benefits, but five to seven times per week would ensure that you would demonstrate competence. Would you agree?

The many children in our society that are struggling with learning, behavioral, motor, language, or sensory problems have currently been given one option for help; that is to participate in traditional medical therapies (occupational, physical, speech) one time per week for several weeks, if not years, to improve their skills. This is sadly the case due to insurance companies typically only reimbursing therapy one time per week.

Research studies have shown benefit of therapy for children with sensory processing disorder ONLY when performed 3-5x/week. Other research from The Institute for Neural Computation into ASD demonstrates the link between motor delays and social skills. Knowing that motor skills can be trained, researchers suggest engaging the child in specific movement activities multiply times per week for greatest benefits on social skills, attention, and focus.

As an evidence-based practitioner, I have a mission to help more families receive care that will create real change within months, rather than years. Stay tuned to our social media channels as we expand Brain Connex Therapy into a membership-based movement program that offers families treatment in the comfort of their home. The programs start at a foundational level with primitive reflex integration, expand to integration with sensory stimulation, and complete with connections of right & left brain hemispheres.

We are looking for beta testers as we launch within the next couple of months. Interested or know someone who may be interested? Contact us today for more details.

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