A membership community for clinician’s to connect and learn. If you are a clinician who uses a neurologically-based approach with your treatment, this is the place for you! Once you have completed our Professional Training course you’ll be invited to our private FB page to continue to connect, learn, and brainstorm for specific clients.

There are many different types of treatment styles, reflex integration methods, and brain integration techniques. Courses and certifications for these different styles are everywhere. But what happens after your training? How can you continue to learn different methods and connect with other professionals utilizing similar techniques? And learn from each other?

CLINICIAN’S CORNER! We have created a monthly membership for clinician’s like us. Clinician’s that want to learn from each other so that we can see miracles happen in our clients. Whether you are new to reflex integration, hemispheric integration, or movement-based work; or you’ve been doing it for years, you are welcome. We welcome all practitioners from all methodologies to come together to share their knowledge, brainstorm ideas for our clients, and connect world wide.

$17/month, cancel anytime. Once you join you will be prompted to connect in our private FB group page. You must answer the admin questions to be accepted. Each month we will have a theme of conversation….specific reflexes, research behind the work, different methods, etc. Also, every group member can connect at anytime posting questions, comments, or topics of discussion.