Christmas 🎄 2018 –> That smile 😃 says it all!!

This was big year of change for our son with #autism. When you are with someone day in, day out, it can be hard to recognize the positive changes they are making. It seems to be easier to compare Christmas this year to Christmas last year, to see the effects of all our hard work (him included!) 👏

Christmas this year was filled with happiness and smiles. He was excited to open his gifts 🎁and did it completely independently without losing focus [years past he’d need help initiating the opening and would be done after 1 or 2 gifts]. He opened every single gift this year and was EXCITED when he saw the toys!! …He actually wanted to open them and play with them?!?! [years past he didn’t quite understand that the items were toys and would prefer playing with the wrapping paper and box, LOL]

I know other #specialneedsmoms can relate to my memory recall year to year. What changes have you seen and what to you attribute them to?

The only changes we’ve made this year have been doing neurological treatment that we teach Brain Connex Therapy . Otherwise, we continue to eat a rather clean diet, and use biomedical supplements but we’ve changed them a few times this year so I can’t say that was the reason he made progress.

This is the reason I’ll continue to praise neurological therapy for our kiddos with special needs. It makes a difference. Its easy to do. It creates permanent changes in the brain.

Have questions? 🙋‍♀️Need answers? 🙋‍♂️We are here to help. We are going through this with you.

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