We hear it on t.v. and in magazines all the time – how we should be healthy, eat nutritious food and eat a more plant-based diet. But why? Does it really affect us that much? And how do we decipher all of the information that bombards our minds today (ie., low fat, low sugar, no grains, gluten-free, paleo, high-fat, weight watchers, etc).

The research is there and points very clearly to the fact that your diet is KEY to your health. “You are what you eat!” is a true statement. You may be wondering, as I did, how children can eat mac-n-cheese, pizza & hotdogs all of the time and still grow and flourish. Well, what we are seeing on the outside may not be the whole story. Our children are SICK….and getting sicker.

More children than ever are obese, meaning they have excess body fat, versus just having excess weight. These children have several health problems including type 2 diabetes, risk for cardiovascular disease, and an increased risk for cancer and osteoarthritis. Children have more allergies than ever before along with ADD, ADHD, Autism, and other developmental delays. What is truly going on?

There are several factors to consider in our societies overall health (environment & toxins to name a few) but a HUGE one is the food we consume. People are busier than ever rushing from one job to pick up the kids, to activities then home and possibly a second job. Families are tired and don’t have the time to cook real meals. Many children eat luncheables and other non-food chemical-laden items for lunch. Children grab chips, candy, and soft drinks in between activities for a snack. None of which provide any nutrients needed to grow a health body.

I could go on and on about all of the bad things our children are eating and how it is affecting them and their future offspring, but instead we should be positive and talk about ONE SIMPLE CHANGE you can make today that would significantly improve your health along with your child’s. Start here: Eat more fruits & vegetables!! Sounds simple enough but when do I have time to cut up fruits and vegetables and cook them?? I hear you. I don’t have time either. I have some good days where I prep and make great food choices for my children, but I, too, have days where the last thing I have energy for is chopping & dicing. I was introduced to an amazing product that fills in the gaps of our poor nutrition and have been taking it daily every since.

We know that fruits & vegetables provide most of the antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that our bodies need to function at a high level. As a parent, I also know that it is near impossible to get my children to like green vegetables without bribing them. Throughout my journey with healing my son of Autism, I have done tons of research and discovered how important what we eat is to our brain health and health for our future. I want to provide my children with the best foot forward in order to live happy, healthy lives as adults. Unfortunately, even though we switched to a gluten-free, casein-free, whole-food diet my son still will not eat vegetables without bribing. And I know he doesn’t eat the *magic* number of fruits & veggies per day. Juice Plus is a simple product that children love and it provides the actual whole-food nutrition our body needs to function. The capsules (or gummies) are filled with vine-ripened fruits & vegetables. I am able to give my son the gummies on a daily basis and know that I am improving his health. I highly recommend the product. The best part is that my son gets his gummies for FREE with the Children’s Health Study. I did major research on the product prior to deciding it was a good fit. Juice Plus+ is backed by several Doctors (even Dr. Sears whose book on modified vaccine schedules I read when I had my first child.), as well as multiple clinical studies performed on the product to show how well it helps with a multitude of issues, including cardiovascular disease, inflammation, eye health, brain function, and improving the immune system.

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