Kids are back to school which means they will encounter a lot of germs. It is time to build up their immune system, naturally, to decrease their chances of illness. Nothing is harder on a parent than having to take care of a sick child. Here are a few tips to improve their health.

#1 Eat Organic & non-GMO: Give your body the best ability to fight against germs by keeping the food you eat clean. When our body has to fight against the toxins & pesticides that are in commercial food it won’t be able to fight against the extra germs our children encounter in the school environment.

#2 Use a Probiotic: Probiotics add good bacteria to your gut. Our gut comprises 70% of our immune system, so we need a good balance of bacteria to fight off germs. One we like and is highly recommended is GutPro.

#3 Get Adequate Sleep (Decrease Screentime): Our body uses sleep to restore itself. This is when our body is working the most to fight against infections and germs.  School age children need 10-12+ hours of sleep per night. With activities & homework it can be difficult. Make sure you consider the amount of time they sleep when choosing activities.  Also, take screens out of the bedroom – it is too tempting and addicting.

#4 Decrease Refined Sugars: Eating or drinking too much sugar curbs immune system cells that attack bacteria. Swap sugary drinks for water, and swap refined sugary snacks with whole fruits and natural sweeteners like honey & maple syrup.

#5 Eat More Fruits & Vegetables: Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to get immune boosting benefits from Vitamin C and other phytonutrients found in fresh raw foods. The colors of produce give you a clue for how they help the immune system. Choose orange fruits and vegetables like carrots to get more beta carotene, the precursor your body turns into Vitamin A. This nutrient helps your immune system by supporting healthy lungs and lymph. Dark greens like kale and spinach contain beta carotene and Vitamin E that help your body fend off cold and flu infections. Fresh red and pink produce like tomatoes, strawberries and pink grapefruit are especially high in Vitamin C.  To make sure we have enough variety and reach the recommended 7-13 servings per day, I recommend adding Juice Plus+ to your child’s daily routine. The capsules give us a guaranteed 30 servings.

BONUS TIP – Eat Fermented Foods: It is alive cultured foods, especially those high in lactic acid, that strengthen your immune system. They do so by helping you maintain a healthy population of micro-flora in your gut. A healthy adult gastrointestinal tract contains over two pounds of micro-flora.
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