Brain Connex Therapy is a neurologically-based movement learning program proven to increase development, language, gross/fine motor skills, sensory, behavior & function utilizing treatment techniques in primitive reflex integration and brain balancing completed in a specific neuro-developmental sequence.

Children with ADHD demonstrate a disorganized nervous system along with a tendency towards the ‘fight or flight’ response in many situations. A disorganized nervous system and one being “on alert” most of the time will result in a person that is hypersensitive, hyperactive, oppositional, disruptive, and possibly aggressive. Interestingly, children with ADD/ADHD have a slow brain reaction time. Stimulant medication, which is widely used as the first treatment modality, speeds up brain reaction time, which is why these drugs are prescribed for attention deficit disorders. Our program helps increase brain reaction time without negative side effects from drugs. The movement will also help calm the nervous system and bring organization to a system that is under constant stress.

Brain Connex therapy utilizes a specific, individualized, sequence of movements to integrate neural pathways thus creating functional connections that improve processing of the neurons in the brain significantly reducing symptoms shown in ADHD.


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