When your child is struggling, you will do anything and everything to help them.

As a healthcare professional, I recognized early on that my son needed help. I advocated for him to receive therapy services from the time he was six months old. When he turned three and we saw little to no improvements I knew there was something missing. I had a light-bulb moment after seeing great improvements from our daily park outings where I helped him learn how to navigate the equipment.   Having a background in Kinesiology & Occupational Therapy spurred my late-night research into how movement changes the brain and affects neurological conditions.  I studied with the best educators & researchers in evidence-based neurological treatments, brain balance, movement, and primitive reflex integration. Once I implemented a treatment style combining all of the above with my son, we saw significant, objective changes in a short span of time.

We know that neurological change occurs through repetition. Traditional therapy models only see clients 1-2x/week. For best outcomes, we know children need more. Our online program has children completing specific, easy-to-follow, neurologically-based movements 5-7x/week. This is why we started Brain Connex Therapy and continue to help families worldwide see changes in their children.

The mission of Brain Connex Therapy is to improve as many lives as possible through empowering clients, parents/caregivers, and professionals with knowledge in brain development and organization using a neurological, movement-based approach, while passionately learning from continued research in functional neurology to continuously improve treatment methods for optimal function for our clients.

Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L, creator of Brain Connex Therapy, is a life long learner with over 17 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist; over 32 years as an athlete and movement-lover; and 10 years as a special needs mom. She has trained extensively in the areas of sensory integration, bi-lateral integration, childhood reflexes, movement-based learning, nutrition, brain hemisphere integration, and currently studying postural re-training through the Egoscue Method.

She has expertise and certifications in the following:

  • Certified Melillo Method™ Practitioner
  • Certified in Safe & Sound Protocol and FOCUS systems
  • MNRI (Musgatova Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration) Core-in-Training
  • Also trained with Dr. Harold Blomberg, creator of Blomberg Rhythmic Training; studied INPP through Julia Harper, OT; studied BioIndividual Nutrition with Julie Matthews and the work of Sally Goddadard Blythe, Bonnie Brandes, M.Ed, & Brain Gym.

She graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Midwestern University. Kara spent half of her career treating adults with neurological conditions before transitioning to children. Once her son demonstrated significant developmental delay and subsequently diagnosed with autism, Kara switched gears in her career and solely focused on pediatric neurological treatment. She is specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to neurological developmental delays and symptoms.