There are many reasons a child can plateau from treatment, and below we will cover five of the most common reasons that cause your child to remain in a state of less-than-optimal function that maybe you haven’t thought of before…..

  1. ENVIRONMENT: You cannot heal your child in the same environment they got sick in. Environment encompasses many things including the outside environment surrounding us, the indoor environment, and the emotional environment in the household. What is the air quality where you live? What is the water quality? Are you eating nutritious, real organic food on a daily basis? Do you get enough sleep? Are you polluted with traffic noise? Do you use toxic household cleaners and personal care products? All of these areas need to be assessed and changed if warranted. Children who are stuck are sensitive to our world where we are exposed to thousands of chemicals & toxins from birth. Removing toxins from your home and the surrounding environment will help your child reduce inflammation and have a better chance at detoxing. Look for household cleaner and personal care products that are derived from natural ingredients and do not have things like “fragrance” on the label. Eat organic, whole foods at every meal to reduce exposure to pesticides. Eating grass-fed and finished beef and organic chicken, without antibiotics is a must. The outdoor environment may be harder to change. You can combat poor air & water quality by purchasing an air filter and water filter. Or you might even consider moving away from the city to a place with more space, less noise, and less pollution. Finally, the emotional environment of families members plays a role in your child’s healing…more on that in #4 Recommendation: head to to begin cleaning out the toxic products in your household and personal care. Look for air purifiers and water filters.
  2. NUTRITION: Your child does not get enough nutritious foods. Macro-nutrition from carbs, fats & protein + Micro-nutrition from fruits, vegetables, and nuts are imperative for antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Chronic conditions such as autism, ADHD, sensory processing, dyslexia, and children with learning troubles need good nutrition to help their brain grow and create connections. Without It, you simply will struggle with treatments being of benefit and your child will not reach optimal functioning. When a child is a picky eater it is a sign that they have an underdeveloped nervous system and/or they have nutrition deficiencies. Your children eating healthy food starts with YOU. You are the person purchasing the food in the house. You must be the example. Your child’s healing starts with YOU modeling brain healthy behavior first. Start by adding in good, nutritious foods, rather than taking things away. Try smoothies or muffins or meatballs where you can add lots of veggies without a strong taste. Give children small amounts of good foods until they start to eat them. Just remember it may take several attempts before they even try the foods. Recommendation: head to to learn about nutritional foods and how to implement them in your family.
  3. WRONG THERAPY/FREQUENCY/DURATION: When our child is struggling and we go to traditional medical doctors we are referred to traditional medical treatments. Many of these treatments are considered “top-down” approaches. These approaches start from the symptoms (ie, bad behavior, can’t read, poor balance) and work on the symptoms. Unfortunately for most children with neurological or developmental delays this is the wrong therapy. They need a “bottom-up” approach that treats the root cause. When we treat the root cause we are able to organize the brain and change the connections in the brain. For parents who have already tried a “bottom-up” approach and feel like their child is stuck, many times its because they have not done the right frequency, duration, or intensity. Therapy needs to be done daily with many repetitions to create optimal functioning. Recommendation: Our primitive reflex & brain integrations program is the perfect at-home program to start your child on their progress. Then add in the Connextions: Brain Training to improve higher-level cognitive function and abilities.
  4. MOM: I know this may be a triggering topic and we, as moms and caregivers, definitely do not need more guilt about our child’s struggle. But this topic is a serious one that needs to be considered when your child is stuck no matter what treatment or special diet or guru you have followed. When a child is stuck in a fight/flight/freeze mode of chronic stress they will not progress and will not learn to their optimal ability. Just as we need to be the models for our kids when It comes to good nutrition and exercise and other brain healthy lifestyle habits, we also need to be a model of living a stress-free, simple, happy life. If we as the parents are stressed out, anxious, depressed, angry, fearful, and burning the candle at both ends, there is no way our child will be capable of living a less-stressed, happy life. They model what they see on a regular basis. Their nervous system will pick up on our stress, feel it, and copy It. How can we change this? By working on ourselves and our mindset. Simplify your life. Decrease your stress. Let go of expectations and have gratitude & appreciation for what you have. Get off social media or limit it significantly. Breathe. Spend time outdoors every day. Have real conversations face-to-face with loved ones. Stop wearing the badge of ‘being busy’ like it’s a good thing. Recommendation: I’m happy to personally recommend programs or help for your specific situation, email Kara at
  5. LACK OF CONNECTION: Children need to feel safe and connected in order to flourish. Connection to their family members or loved ones and a connection to nature. We have turned into an indoor society where we eat, sleep, play and work indoors. Rarely going outside beyond the weekends. Our kids who are addicted to screens don’t have connection to real people. Playing a game with a “friend” on the screen is not a real, heart-warming relationship. Parents are too busy being busy to even play 20 minutes/day with their children. Many of us with special needs kids run from appointment to appointment asking the experts to help; when rather, we should be looking inwards for the answers. But we can only find them when we are quiet – something the non-stop, smartphone lifestyle doesn’t allow for. Feeling safe through connection to others & nature is vital for your child to move forward. Recommendation: Three simple things you can do today to create change include spending 20 minutes/day outdoors (preferably barefoot on the earth – with your child; decrease screen time for everyone in the household (delete social media if possible), and playing on the floor with your child for 20 minutes/day without any distractions.

If any of these resonate with you and you need guidance on how to implement them, reach out to me at I’m not an expert but can give you resources that can help. Many of these reasons took me years to figure out on my own, as I’ve been on the journey of helping my own son heal from his symptoms. I want to help share the wisdom I’ve gained and guide others to find it as well. When a child suffers, the entire family suffers. We live as a tribe or unit that all affect one another. Even our internal bacteria are affected by the ones we are around the most. When we are healthy in body & mind, it’s easier for our children to be healthy. I hope this message is one of empowerment rather than annoyance. We, as parent’s of children with struggles, have the power to make a lot of changes at home and we know our children the best. Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word and action is watched and repeated. No other person or outside professional has as much influence as parents.

“Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent that believed in them first.” – Matthew Jacobson

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