Become an expert in primitive reflex integration & lifestyle factors contributing to brain health with Brain Connex Therapy’s live workshop. Join Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L, Creator of Brain Connex Therapy, live at various locations, as she teaches the 4-hour course in an interactive format. In this exclusive workshop experience, you will walk away understanding how to implement a movement & lifestyle program for your child to help alleviate and treat many symptoms of attention, behavior, learning, sensory, and mental disorders.

This course is available for parents, caregivers, students, and healthcare professionals.

This workshop will be very hands-on (so expect to move!) and supplemented with lecture material. We will cover basic childhood development and brain development from the womb to adulthood, and dive deep into each of the eight core primitive reflexes; why they emerge, how to stimulate them, how to integrate them and at what frequency/duration.  You will leave in-hand with various assessments to use in order to track your progress while working with your child; a reflex integration playbook; and will be added to our private FB group for further education, community, and questions.

This comprehensive workshop provides detailed instructions on integrating eight core reflexes and an overview of nutrition & lifestyle factors to help promote brain and body balance for the whole family, effectively correcting the underlying problems common to the entire spectrum of childhood chronic disorders and neurological dysfunctions.

Alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, autism, developmental delay, sensory processing, behavior disorders, and brain imbalances. Join us for our next workshop….coming soon to the Phoenix area.



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We are currently looking for a location to host our workshop; if you know of a location or would like to host, please contact us.