One-on-One appointments available NOW in Phoenix, AZ

Few things are more painful than watching your children suffer. As a mother and an Occupational Therapist I knew I had to take proactive action.  Rather than taking the conventional route the western medical community offered, I compiled extensive research, mentored with experts in their fields, and implemented positive change to address the underlying issues.  Now I’m bringing that expertise to you and your family.

Are you struggling with:

  • Your child’s behavioral issues associated with sleep, sensory issues, hyperactivity, and outbursts?
  • Going to weekly traditional therapies without seeing results?
  • Wanting to help your child at home but don’t know where to start?
  • Implementing the changes you’ve been reading about in books and articles on primitive reflexes?
  • Doctors that won’t listen to your concerns?
  • Creating simple changes in nutrition for the whole family?
  • Wondering if you can be doing more to help?

Personalized Treatment Plan

I am happy to discuss whether individual services are best for your child. Our treatment style is different than your typical Occupational Therapy clinic. We work specifically with primitive reflex integration, brain hemispheric balance, and cerebellum training. We offer appointments to fit your schedule. If you are only able to come once/week you must commit to working with your child at home in between sessions. Your child’s individualized treatment will consist of an evaluation, assessment, programming, and education in primitive reflex integration and brain balance techniques. Family must be committed to working with the reflexes daily, at home in between sessions. You will have access to a back office filled with video & written instructions of the movements in your child’s program.

The methods we use in treatment include:

  • MNRI reflex integration
  • Melillo Method Brain Balance
  • FOCUS System & SSP listening therapies
  • Cerebellum Brain Training

We are located in beautiful North Phoenix, Arizona, and work with patients virtually around the world. Our office is a home studio; exact location will be given once scheduled.

Contact me today with any questions, or to get started. We are an out-of-network provider of Occupational Therapy services. We do not bill insurance, but are happy to provide a superbill of services for possible reimbursement. For Arizona residents, we are a vendor with ESA.