Healing through movement and proper nutrition is possible.  My son is living proof, and the improvements for our family are profound.  In place of a long list of diagnoses, symptoms, and developmental delays I have a happier, healthier and well-adjusted child. We still have work to do and are in the “trenches” with you but we see the light of full healing ahead.

Few things are more painful than watching your children suffer. As a mother and an Occupational Therapist I knew I had to take proactive action.  Rather than taking the conventional route the western medical community offered, I compiled extensive research, mentored with experts in their fields, and implemented positive change to address the underlying issues.  Now I’m bringing that expertise to you and your family.

Are you struggling with:

  • Your child’s behavioral issues associated with sleep, sensory issues, hyperactivity, and outbursts?
  • Going to weekly traditional therapies without seeing results?
  • Wanting to help your child at home but don’t know where to start?
  • Implementing the changes you’ve been reading about in books and articles on primitive reflexes?
  • Doctors that won’t listen to your concerns?
  • Creating simple changes in nutrition for the whole family?

I was too.  I’ve been there, and I can help.

I’ve treated individuals with many diagnoses, including many without a diagnosis, consulted with hundreds of families around the world, and am creating courses to help spread the education to parents in a simple, easy-to-implement manner.  I’ve also lived the positive changes that can result from the implementation of this research in my own home.  Now I’m bringing it to yours.

I’ll partner with you to:

  • Assess your child; set goals; and improve lifestyle & environmental factors.
  • Address multiple concerns, what they mean to your child, and action steps to improve them.
  • Apply the research of experts in the fields of neurology, therapy, psychology, nutrition, and kinesiology and how to put it into action.
  • Ensure you feel 100% confident in the recommendations and treatment plan and how to implement it immediately.


Distance coaching available @ $250/month for four months*. All consultations are performed via ZOOM, an online platform, which allows us to help families around the world. Contact us today to get started.

*Coaching payments are auto-recurring for four months; payment can be made in full up-front if preferred. Coaching includes a minimum of three different individualized sensory & movement programs for your child, education on lifestyle factors contributing to symptoms, unlimited email access and once/monthly teleconference with Kara Rice MOT, OTR/L.