Our Method

Brain Connex Therapy program achieves optimal neuro-performance for children and adults. We use a movement-based treatment with a neurological foundation improving your development, behavior, mental health, sports performance, motor skills, and overall function.  We use an evidence-based treatment model to create results in a short period of time. Primitive reflex integration, Movement-based Learning, Brain Hemispheric Integration, and Nutrition are the foundation of the program. We focus on accelerated outcomes and greater access to care for children & adults with Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, learning challenges, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, emotional difficulty, anxiety, developmental delay, and more.

Brain Connex Therapy is designed to develop:
*Muscle tone, stamina, and controlled motor movements;
*Posture and control;
*Body and sensory awareness;
*Gross and fine motor movements;
*Self-control, persistence and organization;
*Language, rhythm and communication skills;
*Attention, listening and processing of sound;
*Self-esteem and confidence;
*Improved reading, writing, and learning ability;
*Anxiety, depression, self-esteem.
Children and/or adults who demonstrate delays and/or difficulties in the following areas can benefit from our program:
*Speech, Language
*Written Expression & Reading Comprehension
*Social Communication, Behavior
*Motor Skills
*Processing Speed
*Sensory Processing
Our mission is to improve as many lives as possible while empowering clients with knowledge, and passionately learning from continued research in brain performance to continuously improve treatment methods for optimal results.

How the Program Works

Movement is the cornerstone of our program. The brain is a complex structure. The brain changes at a molecular level when movement occurs. Movement creates the optimal environment for neural plasticity, the ability of the brain to change. Movement puts the brain and body into balance naturally by regulating brain chemicals that control mood and responses to stress. Movement, rhythm and balance help the brain create neural connections improving the vestibular, tactile & auditory systems; providing positive gains in attention, coordination, proprioception, and sensory integration.

Primitive reflexes are the first foundation of the nervous system. They originate in the brain stem and integration of the reflexes creates the foundation for future controlled movements. Unintegrated primitive reflexes trigger our ‘fight or flight’ response which creates chronic stress to our body. We integrate the primitive reflexes in the correct order to support integration for real change.

We use brain integration techniques as taught to us by Dr. Robert Melillo, founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers. These brain balancing techniques create integration between the right and left hemispheres by strengthening to weaker hemisphere. We create change using lateralization, integration, and top-down methods of movement.

The program is complete by adding in movement-based learning focused on timing, rhythm and cross-body sequences. Research has shown vast improvements within 12 weeks when individuals perform these movements which solidify the sensory systems throughout the vestibular-ocular-visual channels.

We educate parents and professionals working with children on how they can incorporate a specific movement plan any child’s needs. We offer group education through a private Facebook group in order to provide support and accountability.


Contact Us today to get started on your transformation through neuro-performance, brain optimization. We provide a free initial phone consultation to determine whether our program is the right fit for you or your child.