There are simple sensory techniques you can perform at home, 15 minutes per day, that help children with sensory processing challenges. Sensory stimulation provides the brain with information to help form connections. The more sensory experiences the child has, the stronger the connections become, which then shape the way the brain reacts to the world around them.

For example, with a specific sequence providing the child with tactile stimulation & olfactory (smell) information there is a 300% increase in norepinephrine that continues to increase in level for up to two hours after the experience.

Norepinephrine is a chemical messenger that is in the brain that is associated with concentration, attention, cognitive function, and mood. It is also associated with higher states of neuroplasticity, when the brain is growing, adapting, and rearranging its structure!

A reserach study performed in 2015 on the effects of Environmental Enrichment as a therapy for Autism: a clinical trial replication and extension showed incredibly signifiant gains with this type of therapy: “children with autism, 3 to 6 years old, were randomly assigned to groups that received either daily sensorimotor enrichment, administered by their parents, along with standard care, or they received standard care alone. After 6 months, enriched children showed statistically significant gains in their IQ scores, a decline in their atypical sensory responses, and an improvement in their receptive language performance, compared to controls. Furthermore, after 6 months of enrichment therapy, 21% of the children who initially had been given an autism classification, using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, improved to the point that, although they remained on the autism spectrum, they no longer met the criteria for classic autism. None of the standard care controls reached an equivalent level of improvement.”

We are now offering Sensory Enrichment Therapy, powered by Mendability, as a certified Sensory Enrichment Therapist. If interested, we will send you a link to sign up and you will receive treatment sessions to perform at home on a daily basis. We will provide you with support every two weeks and help with any questions during the therapy process.

Parents absolutely have the ability to help their child. 15 minutes of sensory stimulation at home on a regular basis is doable and easy to implement. Contact us with any questions.

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