cerebral-palsy“My mommy gut told me there was a better way to getting the results I wanted to see than traditional OT. I’m so glad I found Brain Connex! I have seen more progress in our first 4 weeks with Brain Connex than with 6 months of traditional OT. Brain Connex starts at the root of the issue (brain rewiring and primal reflexes) instead of attempting to fix the surface issue. Since starting Brain Connex, my daughter has not wet her bed at all and has gained much needed balance. She is also initiating more imaginative play. I can’t wait to see where the next 8 weeks takes her!”

  • Sarah L., Peoria, AZ




autism-spectrum-disorder“Watching my son in several types of therapies over the past 5 years has allowed me to see several different techniques and modalities. As an Occupational Therapist myself as well as a mother to a son with special needs, I have an insider scoop on what treatments are working and how they are working. It was not until I began taking my son through movement-based treatments with neurodevelopmental movements, including reflex integration, that I saw the most changes in him (for example – going from only being able to scribble in circles to legibly writing his first & last name within 3 months).  More than any other therapy/therapist we had been to in his short life. It is simple but brilliant – movement changes the brain….neuroplasticity means that the brain can learn and change at anytime throughout a person’s life. I have seen these changes occur rapidly through the movement-based learning program that has eventually become Brain Connex Therapy.”

  • Kara R., MOT, OTR/L, Flagstaff, AZ