Today’s babies are born with over 200 chemicals in their bodies. Our food industry, water, and air are polluted with chemicals that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, cause infertility, developmental delay, learning difficulties, and more. Plus the products we use every day in our homes and on our bodies have the same toxins creating a huge overload to our systems.  Add in heavy metals from vaccines and other sources, and you have a terrible combination that many little bodies cannot withstand.

Over 40% of the population have an MTHFR gene mutation which makes it difficult for them to detoxify the chemicals. Our bodies were made to detox on their own and years ago we could handle the load. Now, many individuals have gut problems that make it even more difficult to detox. The biggest offenders of toxin overload include:

#1 Glyphosate – a pesticide (known carcinogen & neurotoxin) that is sprayed over all crops, plants, and weeds. Even organic produce is allowed to have a small amount of pesticides. This toxin is the reason so many people are sensitive to gluten today.

#2 Endocrine Disruptors – found in plastics, personal care products, household cleaners, clothing & bedding. These molecules mimic the same shape/size as our hormones and replace them in the receptor sites; thus not allowing our hormones to do their job. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in infertility, thyroid conditions, and other hormone related issues.

#3 Heavy Metals – found in vaccines, water, aluminum foil, cans, etc. Years ago our bodies were able to detox heavy metals without harm. But because of the overabundance of the above two offenders, our body is clogged and unable to detox naturally.

How can we defend ourselves against chemicals that we come into contact with everyday? We need to replace and remove items that we can CONTROL, because there are so many things in our environment we cannot.

Here are 5 simple strategies to start with to help clean up your environment, and help improve your families ability to detox:

#1 Eat whole foods, Organic, non-GMO as much as possible. Organic prices have decreased significantly recently. When you purchase mostly fruits, veggies, grass-fed meats, and nuts/seeds the bill is not as expensive as processed, packaged foods. Plus you will be significantly reducing your consumption of glyphosate. This article identifies common foods filled with chemicals linked to ADHD, allergies, cancer, and neurotoxicity.

#2 Reduce Plastic Use. Do NOT microwave anything in plastic. Cook on the stovetop again. Avoid using plastic water bottles, especially re-using them. Try reusable stainless steel or better yet, glass, water bottles. Avoid storing produce in the plastic bags from the stores.

#3 Replace household cleaners with home made versions or simplified products without added fragrances. Use essential oils, vinegar & baking soda recipes, or turn to products such as Seventh Generation to reduce the overload of toxins. Ditch the air fresheners – “fragrance” is one of the worst offenders of a chemical storm.

#4 Replace personal care products such as make up, shampoo, skincare, baby oils, etc. There are many “natural” products on the market. Do your research at skin deep website. You can see how your products rate in accordance to their toxicity standards.  You’ll be surprised. We have recently discovered Beautycounter and are loving their products. They remove over 1,500 questionable ingredients linked to cancer, hormone disruption, infertility, birth defects, and more.

#5 Get outside for some sunshine. Low levels of Vitamin D will weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness from toxin overload.  Studies have even revealed having more fresh air and sun significantly reduces illness and improves the immune system power. 15 minutes in the sun will improve your Vitamin D levels and improve your mood!

You also should consider doing a regular detox on yourself and the entire family. There are several products we recommend such as Bioray and Advanced TRS; although we highly recommend consulting a functional medicine doctor or naturopath for personalized recommendations.  A simple detox is removing processed foods, artificial ingredients, and sugar from your diet for a few days.

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