Do you have concern’s with your child’s development and/or academics? Has your child been in therapy for a while and you are not seeing the results you expected? Are you seeking ways to help your child at-home, without medication?

This pyramid is a visual representation of how every infant should develop. For different reasons, some children do not have enough time in an area (typically during Foundations), which causes “gaps” in their movement, senses, and learning as they develop and move up the pyramid.

We teach caregivers how to move their child through this typical neuro-developmental sequence in order to “fill in gaps” of missing information and create efficient neural connections for optimal function.

Any area at the top of the area can be affected if the Foundation wasn’t built strong enough. Just imagine a house with a poorly laid foundation. It will still stand and may be lived in, but over time the cracks will effect the house. This is similar experience for children. For some its obvious they need extra help, but many others have small “cracks” in their foundation affecting their school work, friendships, emotions, and more.

And here is how we differ from other therapies….
Children with developmental delays are typically recommended to see traditional therapists (PT, OT, SLP), behavioral therapists (ABA), and/or a doctor for medication.

Traditional therapies are amazing at working the top of the developmental pyramid (image depicted). They frequently work on balance, eye-hand coordination, behavior, attention & focus, and motor skills.

But what happens when the foundation of the developmental pyramid is not complete? You guessed it….the top of the pyramid will never develop to its full potential without a strong base.

Our programs help your child by building the foundation of the pyramid, filling in any gaps in development, then working all the way through the top of the pyramid. We accomplish this virtually, with our Online Primitive Reflex & Brain Integrations Program, followed by the 12-week Brain Connextions Movement Series.

Parents are able to help their children at-home! What a blessing that is in a time like this. Now, not every child will achieve full potential through a virtual program, and will need more guidance. We’ve got you covered there too with our Personalized Treatment Plan and/or Monthly OT Consultations. I’d love to meet you and find out whether our program is the right fit for your family. Reach me anytime via email

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