You work hard with your clients to make a difference in their lives. You would do anything for your client’s to see the results their parents hope for. What if you could get better results, quicker? Are you ready to take your client’s treatment to the next level? Adding primitive reflex & brain hemispheric integration to your arsenal of treatment is a game-changer for your client’s results! Our Professional Training program is meant to give you a functional approach. You will finish the course knowing exactly what movements to use for the children you work with. Once the program is complete you’ll be invited to our private group to stay connected with like-minded professionals and continue to brainstorm and learn.
The Brain Connex Therapy Certification & Training Program consists of 8 weeks of self-guided modules + one 45-minute consultation with creator, Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L + private Facebook group to continue learning & collaborating with professional on specific treatments for your clients as you begin working with the information.


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Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn:

  •  How to assess, test, and integrate the core primitive reflexes using the Brain Connex model
  • The benefits of adding neurodevelopmental movements and how to apply them.
  • How to identify if a child has an imbalance in their brain hemispheres.
  • How to treat a brain imbalance using sensory stimulation and progressions to that stimulation.
  • How to differentiate which program works best for which child.
  • How to assess, test, and integrate five additional primitive reflexes.
  • Research on primitive reflex integration and brain balance techniques.
  • Learn how to live a ‘brain healthy lifestyle’ and teach your clients to do the same to optimize neuroplasticity
  • How to put all the information together to create your own program, online course, or apply within your practice setting.


Each week we’ll focus on learning the on-line content and implementing strategies to help you move towards your goal of working with children doing reflex integration. We recommend you have a child available to practice with throughout the course. Information is provided through video & written instructions, powerpoint presentations + .pdf downloads of the presentation, and various resources, along with quizzes and homework to help guide you to understand the material better. Each module is between 1-2 hours viewing in total, with expectations of client practice weekly. Content is self-guided and be completed at your own pace. Bi-weekly office hours are held via zoom to answer questions and discuss information learned.


Our private Facebook group is for professionals only. We use the group as a place to talk about the content & case studies, answer your questions and connect with other like-minded professionals. You receive one 45-minute consultation with creator, Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L, once completing the course, quizzes/homework, and feedback form. During the zoom consultation you can chat about specific questions, case studies or how you can incorporate the treatment style into your practice. Plus you have access to the material forever and will be given updates when they happen.


We offer a private Facebook group “Mastermind” just for our Brain Connex Training Program participants. This is a great way to stay connected and learn from one another. Reach out for additional support or with questions, challenges, and case studies.  You will have the benefit of a group of professionals from different backgrounds to bounce ideas off of and dive deeper into the understanding of primitive reflex integration to help you grow your business and see results with your clients!


MODULE ONE: we present education in brain development and primitive reflex integration and how it’s related to the sensory systems and treatment for children with developmental delays, neurological conditions, and learning challenges. Research that supports its use and the difference between a neurologically-based approach vs. traditional therapies.

MODULE TWO: we learn how to test, assess symptoms, and integrate the primitive reflexes that are inherently connected with the sensory systems via vestibular and visual input: Moro, Fear Paralysis, Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex, Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex, and Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex.

MODULE THREE: we learn how to test, assess symptoms, and integrate additional primitive reflexes that are inherently connected with the sensory systems via the Tactile systems and whole body coordination: Rooting Reflex, Palmar Reflex, Babinski, Spinal Galant, and Landau.

MODULE FOUR: we present additional treatments, and a few additional reflexes, that can support proper neurological development. These treatments are helpful for some children to activate reflexes through neuro-developmental movement. We include education in head righting reflexes, log rolls, creeping, crawling, basic rhythmic-based movements and vision exercises.

MODULE FIVE: we introduce Brain Hemispheric Integration, or what many refer to as “brain balance” history and techniques. How to assess brain imbalance via physical testing and master checklists.

MODULE SIX: we learn how to stimulate the weaker brain hemisphere to create balance by engaging the sensory systems; visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, and smell. We present simple techniques that can be done with minimal equipment (good for home treatment) as well as more advanced techniques that require more expensive equipment (good for clinic treatment).

MODULE SEVEN: we present cerebellar activities that connect right to left brain to achieve full horizontal & vertical integration in the body system. These activities are numerous — we lay the groundwork for what needs to be involved in the movement so you can be creative with your clients activities. We also dig a little deeper into Brain Lifestyle Optimization and it’s importance in neuroplasticity.

MODULE EIGHT: we put all of the information together and discuss how treatment can look in-person and virtually. We discuss FAQ’s about how to educate parents on the movements, how to motivate un-motivated children, and how to individualize programs for children based on case studies we’ll discuss.


Q: How long does the course take?

A: The course was created to be done in 8 weeks with 8 modules of education. You can work at your own pace, taking your time to move through the modules. The content is available in a on-demand style so you can work faster or slower, per your preference. Our private FB group is available to ask questions at any time.

Q: How long will I  have access to the materials?

A: You will have access to the materials forever. Which means you’ll also always have access when we update materials or add anything new! You’ll also receive support through our private “mastermind” FB page as long as you want.

Q: Can I  get CEU’s (continuing education credits) for the course?

A: We are currently working on becoming a provider with AOTA. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion. Participant must complete all modules, quizzes/homework, and feedback form to receive full credit. Please note, we cannot retroactively offer continuing education credits.

Q: How many CEUs is this course worth?

A: This course offers 14 contact hours, or 1.4 CEUs.

Q: What if I  have questions throughout the course?

A: We have two ways to help with questions. 1) Schedule your one-on-one 45-minute consultation with creator, Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L, and 2) a private “mastermind” FB group for connection and support

Q: Will I receive support following the course when I  begin implementing the material with real clients?

A: YES! We are excited about this part. You will continue to receive support via our private “mastermind” FB group page where we will continue education and discuss case studies and real clients. Have a question about programming and not sure how to support your client? Ask in the group and we’ll answer and have the expertise of several other professionals too.

Q: How is this course different than other reflex courses?

A: The Brain Connex Professional Training course aims to be functional. As an Occupational Therapist, I  want to complete a course knowing exactly what to do with my clients (ie, which exercise, how many reps, how many days/wk, etc). You will be ready to serve your client’s immediately once you complete the course. We cover the Brain Connex 4-step approach to healing the brain via a holistic approach that includes both hemispheric & reflex exercises, cerebellar exercises, and a brain healthy lifestyle.

Q: Is this training for professionals working with children only?

A: No, professionals that are working with adults can take this course as well. The material will be slightly different but mostly the same working with adults. We can discuss the differences during our one-on-one zoom consultation.

Q: What if I  am not a professional but just interested in primitive reflex & brain integration work?

A: We recommend you look at our parent coaching program, Online Primitive Reflex & Brain Integrations Program. The professional course is meant for healthcare professionals that will be using these treatments with their clients. Having a background as a healthcare professional is essential to understand the dynamics of working with parents & their children.

Q: How often is the professional training offered?

A: The professional training will be open for enrollment on-going. You can move through the course at your own pace.

Professional Certification & Training

This course was well organized and offered not only content for the treatment but research to back it all up.  The instructor’s knowledge, coupled with her enthusiasm for the subject made this the best reflex course I’ve taken.  Learning the hemispheric and cerebellar work she also taught in this course, I feel has given a full treatment plan for children that have been struggling to make gains and are not succeeding with traditional therapies.” – Heather Cox, OTR/L

“I really enjoyed the Brain Connex Professional Training Course. It was very informative and detailed. Kara provided sufficient training tools, videos and step by step instructions for the testing and also the exercises. The course help me to understand each child I see at the centre better and to know that I can actually help them. I enjoyed the weekly zoom meeting with different professionals together as we discussed and have Q&A sessions to help clear our doubts. I would recommend that every professional sign up for this course if you can. You won’t regret it! :)” – Valerie Tan, OT, Malaysia

The Brain Connex© Approach is a set of movements and integration techniques that develop the lower levels of the brain through foundational work in primitive reflex integration, brain hemispheric integration and sensory-motor activities in order to build stronger and more organized neural pathways so kids (and adults) will have optimal learning & function. To learn more about our approach, watch here.

The Mission of Brain Connex Therapy is to improve as many lives as possible through empowering clients, parents/caregivers, and professionals with knowledge in brain development and organization using a neurological, movement-based approach, while passionately learning from continued research in functional neurology to continuously improve treatment methods for optimal function for our clients.

Financial Disclosure: Kara Rice, course presenter, receives payment based upon enrollment.

Non-financial Disclosure: No relevant relationship exists.

Special Needs Requests: If you require special accommodations, please notify Brain Connex Therapy, at the time of registration so that needed accommodations can be made prior to the course.

Course Completion Requirements: This course is not approved for partial credit. Participants must attend the course in its entirety to receive continuing education unit and complete the assigned quizzes and homework.

Target audience:
Occupational Therapists, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, Speech Language Pathologists, Speech Language Pathologist Assistants, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Educators, Psychologists, Physicians, Massage Therapists, Movement Specialists, Mental Health Counselors, Other Health Care Providers, Parents.

Online Courses: Module quizzes and homework assignments, self-assessment.

Brain Connex Therapy Cancellation and Refund Policy

Our online course is available for unlimited viewing and is self-paced/on-demand. Our course will not be cancelled due to its’ nature. Learners may write to request a refund within 48 hours of purchasing the course.