You work hard with your clients to make a difference in their lives. You would do anything for your client’s to see the results their parents hope for. What if you could get better results, quicker? Are you ready to take your client’s treatment to the next level? Adding primitive reflex & brain hemispheric integration to your arsenal of treatment is a game-changer for your client’s results! Our Professional Training program is meant to give you a functional approach. You will finish the course knowing exactly what movements to use for the children you work with. Once the program is complete you’ll be invited to our private group to stay connected with like-minded professionals and continue to brainstorm and learn.
The Brain Connex Therapy Certification & Training Program consists of 8 weeks of self-guided modules + weekly group ZOOM calls + 1-45 minute private consultation + optional private Facebook group to continue learning & brain-storming specifics about your clients as you begin working with the information.

Next Training Date: January 2021 —> FILL OUT INTEREST FORM HERE!

Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn:

  •  How to assess, test, and integrate the core primitive reflexes using the Brain Connex model
  • The benefits of adding neurodevelopmental movements and how to apply them.
  • How to identify if a child has an imbalance in their brain hemispheres.
  • How to treat a brain imbalance using sensory stimulation and progressions to that stimulation.
  • How to differentiate which program works best for which child.
  • How to assess, test, and integrate five additional primitive reflexes.
  • Research on primitive reflex integration and brain balance techniques.
  • Learn how to live a ‘brain healthy lifestyle’ and teach your clients to do the same to optimize neuroplasticity
  • How to put all the information together to create your own program, online course, or apply within your practice setting.


Each week we’ll focus on learning the on-line content and implementing strategies to help you move towards your goal of working with children doing reflex integration. We recommend you have a child available to practice with throughout the course. Information is provided through video & written instructions, powerpoint presentations + .pdf downloads of the presentation, and various resources, along with “homework” to help guide you to understand the material better. Each module is around 45-60 minutes viewing in total. We recommend working through one module per week.


We host weekly group video calls via ZOOM (you can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection using your phone or computer). We will talk about the content, answer your questions and explore ways you can incorporate the material into your practice.

As a BONUS each participant will also receive 1-45 minute individual video call with me during the program – to discuss your specific treatment ideas and how I can help you bring reflex integration into your practice.


We offer a private Facebook group just for our Brain Connex Certification & Training Program participants. This is a great way to stay connected and learn from one another. Reach out for additional support or with questions, challenges, and case studies.  You will have the benefit of a group of professionals from different backgrounds to bounce ideas off of and dive deeper into the understanding of primitive reflex integration to help you grow your business and see results with your clients!

MODULE ONE: Education in brain development and primitive reflex integration as to how it’s related to the sensory systems and treatment for children with developmental delays, neurological conditions, and learning challenges. Research that supports its use and the difference between a neurologically-based approach vs. traditional therapies.

MODULE TWO: Assessment tools, symptoms checklists, and the treatment approach. How to implement a program within your particular practice and how to educate parents on the importance of the movements.

MODULE THREE: Learn how to identify, test, assess, and integrate the core primitive reflexes: Moro, ATNR, TLR, STNR, and Landau

MODULE FOUR: Learn how to identify, test, assess, and integrate five additional reflexes: Rooting, Palmar, Babinski, Spinal Galant, and Head Righting

MODULE FIVE: History, details, and research behind using a brain balance technique to integrate right & left hemispheres.

MODULE SIX: How to identify a brain imbalance, and how to strengthen the weaker hemisphere using a sensory stimulation approach.

MODULE SEVEN: Learn how to live a ‘brain healthy lifestyle’ and to teach it to your clients to optimize neuroplasticity.

MODULE EIGHT: Putting it all together. How you can apply this information right away in your practice. How to create your own online course or program. Module eight will be geared towards participants in each cohort.