Brain Connex Therapy provides clinically-proven online movement programs for children with delays, autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, cerebral palsy, and more. Our foundational programs provide a combination of primitive reflex integration, sensory stimulation, and brain hemispheric balance techniques to bring optimal results…all in the comfort of your home. We focus on accelerated outcomes and greater access to care for all families in need.

Brain Connex Therapy is designed to develop:
*Muscle tone, stamina, and controlled motor movements;
*Posture and control;
*Body and sensory awareness;
*Gross and fine motor movements;
*Self-control, persistence and organization;
*Language, rhythm and communication skills;
*Attention, listening and processing of sound;
*Self-esteem and confidence;
*Improved reading, writing, and learning ability.
Children who demonstrate delays and/or difficulties in the following areas can benefit from our program:
*Speech, Language
*Written Expression & Reading Comprehension
*Social Communication, Behavior
*Motor Skills
*Anxiety, Depression, Decreased self-worth
*Processing Speed
*Sensory Processing

How the Program Works

Movement is the cornerstone of our program. Movement creates the optimal environment for neural plasticity, the ability for the brain to change. Movement, timing, and balance help the brain create neural connections improving the vestibular, tactile & auditory systems; providing positive gains in attention, coordination, proprioception, and sensory integration.

Our three primary movement programs are called Foundations, Integrations, and Connections. Every participant completes all three programs for optimal results. The programs can be completed at different paces per the individual. You receive a new movement program every month, and can find support throughout the program in a private group led by an Occupational Therapist. See below for detailed information about each movement section.


Foundations moves your child through integration of eight primary primitive reflexes, plus neurodevelopmental movements. Foundations also helps you set a routine for your movement program. Primitive reflexes are the first foundation of the nervous system. They originate in the brain stem and integration of the reflexes creates the foundation for future controlled movements. Unintegrated primitive reflexes trigger our ‘fight or flight’ response which creates chronic stress to our body. Typically children will benefit from the Foundations program for one-to-two months before moving onto Integrations. 


The Integrations program builds upon Foundations. During Integrations we continue with primitive reflex integration exercises while adding in sensory stimulation: tactile, visual, auditory, smell, vestibular, and proprioceptive. We follow the pyramid of learning on how an infant typically develops, learning from their environment and responding to sensory stimulation with movement. Typically children will benefit from three-to-four months of this movement program before moving on to Connections.

The Connections movement program is the final step. We combine movement-based learning focused on timing plus balance, and cross-body sequences done with cognitive & coordination tasks. Research has shown vast improvements when children perform these movements which solidify the sensory systems throughout the vestibular-ocular-visual channels. Typically children will benefit from two-to-four months of the Connections movement program to achieve optimal benefit.

Why the Program Works

The Pyramid of Development & Learning is a visual representation of how an infant develops and learns. Our program has your child move through this exact neuro-developmental sequence in order to “fill in the gaps” of development that have weaker connections. As you can see on the right hand side, once the Foundations, Integrations, and Connections areas are rewired to their maximum efficiency than executive functioning (ie, academic learning, decision making, etc) can operate at its optimal level.

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It was not until we worked with our son on movement-based treatments with neurological reorganization, including reflex integration, that I saw the most changes in him (for example – going from only being able to scribble in circles to legibly writing his first & last name within 3 months).  More than any other therapy/therapist we had been to in his short life.” - W.R., father to a son with autism,
Within four weeks my daughter was finally able to dress herself!!  She never could understand the front vs back of shirts and pants due to dyspraxia. I’m excited to see the other new changes that will happen as we continue doing the movements.” - T.A., daughter with dyspraxia,
I have seen more progress in our first 4 weeks with Brain Connex than with 6 months of traditional OT. Brain Connex starts at the root of the issue (brain rewiring and primal reflexes) instead of attempting to fix the surface issue. Since starting Brain Connex, my daughter has not wet her bed at all and has gained much needed balance. She is also initiating more imaginative play. I can’t wait to see where the next 8 weeks takes her!” - S.L., mom to a child with cerebral palsy and intrauterine stroke,
Program Details
Your membership will guide you through movement programs created to improve your child’s development. Generally speaking, individuals will benefit from 6 months of treatment to achieve goals, with some individuals requiring more and some less. Every client will progress through each section from foundations-> integration-> connections.
Online Programs
Consistency & repetition are the key to changing the brain. Our program guides you through 30-minute movement videos performed 5x/week. In the comfort of your home you are able to create real change, quickly, in your child’s growth, development, and learning.
Cutting Edge
We have sought out the most beneficial treatments and have combined them into one program. Our programs use movements from cutting edge research in neuroplasticity, primitive reflex integration, sensory enrichment treatment and brain hemisphere balance with developmental movements to create real change, quickly!
Our programs are created by experienced professionals in their speciality (occupational therapy, neurology, etc). Our services are billed through a monthly membership with support by a licensed Occupational Therapist. Private group support includes the therapist answering questions and providing additional education.