Inflammation & oxidative stress underlie virtually all chronic disease. Chronic disease is now the number 1 killer of adults in the U.S. and 1-in-6 children suffers from a chronic condition.

Conditions linked include everything from eczema, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, to autoimmune conditions, depression, asthma, autism, and anxiety.

The gut is our “second brain” 🧠 and recent insights suggest bidirectional communication between the gut and brain. The gut (and what we put in it) have direct effects to brain development and behavior.

These childhood chronic conditions are strongly affected by diet and nutrition. The food we consume is the building blocks in our biochemistry. The old saying, “you are what you eat” is literally playing out in our society today. Children eat junk…they behave poorly. They eat sugar….they are hyperactive. They have bowel dysregulation….they have anxiety, depression, anger, and/or lack of sleep. It all correlates.

Why is behavior linked to inflammation? Recent research shows that when we have inflammation in our body our brain works more from the amygdala than the pre-frontal cortex. The amygdala controls our emotions — think emotional outbursts, irrational fears, meltdowns, and such.  The pre-frontal cortex is our “thinking brain” that can make wise decisions for us. A child with inflammation throughout their bodies will be biochemically geared towards acting from their emotional brain! 

The #1 way we increase inflammation in our body is through our food choices — it is also the #1 way we can reduce inflammation. We highlight below some simple things you can do day to begin reducing inflammation in your children and family. Along with food, things like EMF/screentime exposure raises inflammation, lack of sleep raises inflammation, lack of outdoor time/sunshine raises inflammation.  All lifestyle factors that can be changed with a little planning and thought.

At Brain Connex Therapy, we talk a lot about nutrition even though we specialize in movement because without a foundation of solid nutrition the brain will never fully heal. Food first, Movement second.

Simple things you can do today to begin improving the brain development through food is by adding more fruits & vegetables. Plant-foods give us fiber, phytonutrients and much-needed minerals. If your child is resistant start by adding in a green smoothie daily. Also, cutting back on gluten & dairy many times will open their palate to other tastes.

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