Our signature program for at-home reflex integration and brain balance techniques. This is our self-guided version of the Inidividualized Primitive Reflex & Brain Integrations Program. In 90-days you will learn and master the three key areas needed to create neurological change in your child and see developmental progress in motor skills, behavior, sensory integration, learning, and more. Through written & video instruction you will learn how to assess your child’s reflexes and sensory systems, and how to integrate them using the most cutting-edge techniques in neuroplasticity that you can do from home. For detailed information please head to the page linked above.

Throughout the 90-day program you will receive three complimentary phone/video consultations to answer questions about your program. You’ll also be invited to our private facebook group for support and community with other parents/caregivers. If you are looking for video analysis and specific, individualized programming for your child, you would prefer inquiring about our Individualized Program. Many children benefit from completing the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) prior to starting the reflex program. If you are unsure of where to begin, or which program is right for you, please take the Brain Connex Quiz for a personalized assessment.

Online Primitive Reflex & Brain Integrations Program: self-guided