Are you a professional working in pediatrics interested in implementing additional services to benefit your client, without adding time to your already busy schedule?

You want to give more effective home programs that your clients will follow? You understand that the medical (insurance-based) model of seeing clients one time per week is not enough to create real change quickly? Or maybe you understand that treating the whole child includes looking at family dynamics with nutrition, movement, lifestyle factors and more but don’t know how to incorporate that education into a treatment session?

We are excited to offer several solutions to help grow residual income in your practice without adding time to your already busy schedule. Our sensory & movement program is the perfect compliment to any pediatric practice, whether you see clients as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Psychologist, or GP. Our online program combines education in primitive reflex integration and brain balance through sensory integration. The program is self-guided via written & video instructions, along with weekly group zoom sessions to allow participants to ask questions, gain deeper knowledge, and discuss relevant lifestyle topics.

Below are the three ways in which you can get involved:

#1 Become an Affiliate for our Online Sensory & Movement Program

This option is perfect for you if you want to recommend an online home program for your client. Our program is a combination of self-guided instructions and group discussions/education. Your client will learn primitive reflex & brain integration techniques and a full program to use right away with their child to see results! As an affiliate, you will receive 50% of the purchase price for every client you recommend that enrolls in our program. Contact us today in order to apply.

#2 Join the interest list for our Professional Co-hort (coming soon) and learn how you can create your own online program for your clients

This option is perfect for you if you are interested in learning how primitive reflex integration and brain balance can accelerate outcomes of the pediatric clients you see already. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to create your own online sensory & movement program that incorporates reflex integration with your personal treatment knowledge. We will teach you how to create an online course and how to perform the movements necessary to create change in your clients. Contact us today to get on our interest list…the professional co-hort is currently being created and will launch later this year.

#3 Join the Healthy Living Revolution in order to provide clients with access to simple lifestyle changes they can make to improve their child’s nutrition 

With buzz words such as gut health and microbiome being heard on the regular lately, our patients are learning more and more about how nutrition plays an important role in their families health. As a practitioner it is important to have general knowledge on what good nutrition is for your clients and tips & tricks on how they can eat better to fuel their bodies. Creating that foundation of good nutrition, filled with leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and herbs, will not only improve your outcomes therapeutically, but it will improve your clients brain health, behavior, and function. We have partnered with a company that educates on simple ways to improve health. It is an easy tool to implement into any practice. We invite you to take a look and see if incorporating health education would benefit your clients.

Dr. Bill Sears is a pediatrician in Orange County, California who, with wife Martha, has written more than 30 popular books on children and parenting. In this video, he emphasizes the importance of fruit and vegetable nutrition for children.

“I love Kara’s approach to brain integration exercises ! The Primitive Reflex program offers a fun and easy way to facilitate brain development in ALL children. After a few weeks, I noticed significant changes in my 3 year old daughter such as getting dressed independently and handling frustration more easily. She also loved watching the video examples of the exercises
and we found the exercises easy to perform virtually anywhere and quickly, once we had practiced a few times. As a School Based Occupational Therapist, I appreciate Kara’s background as an OT and a mother of a child with special needs. She brings a real understanding of brain development and the challenges of implementing a home program. I have studied reflex
integration previously with other teachers, and I find Kara’s exercises the easiest and most practical to implement. I highly recommend her program for any parent as well as medical professionals looking to implement reflex integration into their practice. I also love her easy to follow checklist as a way to stay on track and organized!”

-Maggie O’Reilly, OT & mom