Brain Connex Therapy is a neurologically-based movement learning program proven to increase development, language, gross/fine motor skills, sensory, behavior & function utilizing treatment techniques in primitive reflex integration and brain balancing completed in a specific neuro-developmental sequence.

The total body, not just the eyes, are involved in most visual tasks. The vestibular sense keeps the body and the eyes balanced. The motor system aims the eyes and head and positions the body in the most effective balanced state. The eyes find the target of interest; the two eyes converge and focus on the target. If a moving target is a ball, the eyes follow the ball’s trajectory for a short period of time and determine its probable future trajectory. The brain then calculates if the ball can be caught, and if it can, where the body and hands must be in order to intercept and catch the moving ball.

The vestibular system and the visual and postural systems that move and orient the body are constantly changing and adapting in a hightly integarted and dynamic way. During natural play, children’s brains are working with all the sensory systems to make sense of the environment. The visual system is one area that is hugely affected by the strength of the vestibular system.

Our program enhances the integration of your child’s visual, motor, vestibular and tactile sensory processes. We combine movements that target all sensory systems, strengthening the entire neural process.


Brain Connex therapy utilizes a specific, individualized, sequence of movements to integrate neural pathways thus creating functional connections that improve processing of the neurons in the brain significantly reducing emotional challenges by calming the nervous system.



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