Brain Connex Therapy is a neurologically-based movement learning program proven to increase development, language, gross/fine motor skills, sensory, behavior & function utilizing treatment techniques in primitive reflex integration and brain balancing completed in a specific neuro-developmental sequence.

Developmental dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity in the organization of movement. It is the manifestation of a problem in the way that the brain processes information, which results in messages not being properly or fully transmitted. Developmental dyspraxia is a disorder characterized by an impairment in the ability to plan and carry out sensory and motor tasks

The cerebellum receives information from the sensory systems, the spinal cord, and other parts of the brain and then regulates motor movements. The cerebellum coordinates voluntary movements such as posture, balance, coordination, and speech, resulting in smooth and balanced muscular activity. When lower level areas of the brain, such as the pons & mid-brain, are not fully developed the cerebellum is unable to produce smooth, coordinated movements.

Brain Connex Therapy helps improve the neural pathways and connections within the pons and mid-brain resulting in improved function of the cerebellum creating smooth, coordinated movements.

Brain Connex therapy utilizes a specific, individualized, sequence of movements to integrate neural pathways thus creating functional connections that improve processing of the neurons in the brain significantly improving coordination and gross motor skills.



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