Brain Connextions Movement Series!

Brain Connextions Movement Series brings you the most important movements you can do to improve brain connections for optimal function and learning after laying the neurological foundation with reflex & brain integration. Brain training is beneficial for both children and adults. Research demonstrates improving brain connections between the right and left hemispheres results in better learning and academic achievement for children, and slowing of cognitive decline in older adults.  With each movement series you will receive access to both video & written instructions with education on why the movement is important. The movement series are specifically curated by an Occupational Therapist to support the seven essential motor skills for higher level learning & executive function.

The movements are specific and purposeful, and target areas of development to prepare the brain and body for higher academic achievement for children, while at the same time, avoiding cognitive decline in older adults. Plan to utilize these exercises (15-30 minutes, 5 days/week) in your daily routines and begin to see improvements in areas such as reading, math, memory, organization, communication, motor skills, visual skills, and social interaction.

The movement series may use different equipment (balls, bean bags, balance pad, step stool, no equipment, etc) to engage specific skills. If equipment is needed it will be noted. The eight essential motor skills targeted each month include:

  • #1 Core Strength & Posture
  • #2 Body Awareness
  • #3 Balance
  • #4 Visual-motor Skills
  • #5 Cross-body Movements (R/L brain connectivity)
  • #6 Bilateral Integration
  • #7 Eye-hand Coordination
  • #8 Timing & Rhythm

Specific movements done with timing & rhythm, bilateral integration & along with the other skills mentioned above, have been proven through research to enhance neural connections between the right & left hemispheres, demonstrating improvements in reading, learning, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills, language, organization, and more.

Brain Connextions Monthly Movement Series are recommended for individuals from 6 years old – 106 years old. Young children and children with delays will most likely need assistance from a parent/caregiver to perform the movements correctly. For children unable to follow-along to the movements, an adult is welcome to help the child complete the movements at their own pace. We recommend this program to be utilized during or after our Online Primitive Reflex & Brain Integrations Program, or other similar programs.

Brain Connextions Movement Series: Neurodevelopmental Movements

Brain Connextions Movement Series: Visual-Motor Skills

Brain Connextions Movement Series: Essential Skills, Beginner