Did your child walk after 15 months?

Did you child talk after 18 months?

Did your child have difficulty sleeping (more than typical)?

Did your child have chronic ear infections?

Does your child have trouble reading?

Does your child have emotional outbursts?

Does your child have a diagnosis even though their brain/body has no injury?

Does your child have poor coordination and muscle tone?

Does your child appear clumsy, bumping into things & people?

Does your child have trouble with eye contact?

Is your child hyper-sensitive to noise, touch, movement?

Did your child miss a milestone by more than one month?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, your child would benefit from doing a home program in Primitive Reflex Integration. Primitive reflexes lay the foundation of the nervous system, allowing neural pathways to be created and run efficiently. When reflexes are not fully integrated, they leaves “holes” in a child’s development resulting in delays in motor skills, behavior, function, social skills, language development and/or speech.

In our Primitive Reflex Integration 101 course you will learn exactly how to implement an easy-to-use program with your child in your home. Empower yourself with the knowledge to help them develop and grow.

** During Pre-Launch everyone who orders FREE 30- minute phone/video consultation specific to your child **

See our full Signs & Symptoms Questionnaire for additional areas you may identify concern for in your child’s development and sensory processing.

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