The right hemisphere develops first in humans, the emphasis on right brain development occurs during prenatal development and up to about the end of the child’s second year. As the right brain develops it has specific abilities. The right side of the brain is most susceptible to negative environmental influences during this time period. Anything that affects the prenatal, delivery, or post natal development will result in a deficiency of right hemisphere development.

This is why we see many children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Issues, having a right brain deficiency. The right brain recognizes the big picture, it is all about big muscle movement, and is the non-verbal side of the brain. The right hemisphere is aware of our body in space and is responsible for a child feeling their body and developing a map of their body.

Male brains are different than female brains. Females have a larger corpus callosum allowing a more balanced brain, naturally. We see more incidents of males with the conditions stated above. Some reasons can be that the right side of the brain is dependent on physical movement and understanding spatial orientation to develop. Reduced physical activity will delay development of the right side of the brain. Any delays in creeping, crawling, and walking can increase the effect of an imbalance between hemispheres.

So what can we do if we suspect our child has an imbalance? First we lay a foundation for the nervous system using primitive reflex integration; then we add in specific sensory stimulation for your child’s imbalance to help strengthen the weaker hemisphere; later we add in whole-body movements that challenge both sides of the brain to work together.

There is no better time than now to start an at-home neurological program for your child. Our Online Primitive Reflex & Brain Integrations Program will help you see improvements in your child quickly.

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