Clinically proven online movement & sensory programs to improve development, learning, sensory processing, behavior, and attention & focus in children.

Brain Connex Therapy online primitive reflex & brain integrations program was created for children with developmental & neurological delays, autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and more. Our foundational programs provide a combination of primitive reflex integration, neurodevelopmental movements, sensory stimulation, and brain hemispheric balance techniques to bring optimal results…all in the comfort of your home. We focus on accelerated outcomes and greater access to care for all families in need.

Brain Connex Therapy is designed to develop:
*Muscle tone, stamina, and controlled motor movements;
*Posture and control;
*Body and sensory awareness;
*Gross and fine motor movements;
*Self-control, persistence and organization;
*Language, rhythm and communication skills;
*Attention, listening and processing of sound;
*Self-esteem and confidence;
*Improved reading, writing, and learning ability.
Children who demonstrate delays and/or difficulties in the following areas can benefit from our program:
*Speech, Language
*Written Expression & Reading Comprehension
*Social Communication/skills
*Fine motor delays
*Gross motor delays
*Anxiety, Depression, Decreased self-worth
*Processing Speed
*Sensory Processing

“Our mission is to improve as many lives as possible while empowering clients with knowledge, and passionately learning from continued research in neurological movement to continuously improve treatment methods for optimal results.”

Results seen with Specific Conditions

Sensory Processing

Dyslexia & Learning
Vision Issues