Clinically proven online movement & sensory programs to improve development, learning, sensory processing, behavior, and attention & focus in children.

Movement helps the brain grow and form. The brain is organized through movement. In turn, it is the brain that organizes all movement: the movement of our body, our thinking, our feelings, and our emotions.

The part of the brain that processes movement is the same part of the brain that processes learning.

Does your child display any of the below symptoms?:

  • hypersensitive to sound, touch, taste, or movement
  • motion sickness
  • fine motor delays
  • gross motor coordination difficulties
  • unable to ride a bike, catch a ball, skip, etc
  • falls over frequently/loses balance/clumsy
  • difficulty sleeping (falling asleep or staying asleep)
  • delays in infant milestones; late walker; late talker; did not crawl
  • speech troubles
  • visual tracking difficulties
  • low muscle tone
  • excessive or irrational fears; anxiety; fight-or-flight
  • hyperactive; unable to sit still
  • trouble reading; learning; dyslexia; dysgraphia
  • poor eye-hand coordination
  • frequent tantrums; argumentative
  • emotionally sensitive
  • fatigues easily

If your child displays any of the above symptoms it is likely they would benefit from our online sensory & movement program.

“Our mission is to improve as many lives as possible while empowering clients with knowledge, and passionately learning from continued research in neurological movement to continuously improve treatment methods for optimal results.”

Results seen with Specific Conditions

Sensory Processing

Dyslexia & Learning
Vision Issues